Ted Baker Beau Box

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I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while now. As you all know I absolutely love Ted Baker, so when I received  this I was really chuffed. The packaging is beautiful, inspired by London houses and pastel colours. The box is really pretty too and I’m going to find a use for this. There are four items included in this gift set which are a 50ml products of body spray, body wash, bath foam and a body soufflé. These are perfect for traveling. Here is my review of each individual product starting off with…

Body Spray


First of all this is a great size for your handbag, which I love. This body spray has the same scent as the rest of the products being, sandalwood, roses, raspberry and vanilla. It doesn’t last as long as a perfume, it is lovely for a quick and easy everyday scent. It just smells amazing. The bottle is really pretty as well.

Body Soufflé  


The soufflé is rich and creamy like a body butter, except lighter in texture. It also wasn’t greasy or oily either. This smell again is influenced by rose, sandalwood and vanilla. It really does smell so nice, like a beautiful spring/summer smell, and all you need is a thin layer. A little goes a long way. I love the way this makes my skin feel. In fact all the products make my skin feel lovely. Although this soufflé made my skin feel as soft as silk. Again also feeling smooth too. I’d say this leaves you as good as what a Body Shop body butter does.

Bath Foam


This is soooo great for the bath! I don’t think I’ve tried a Ted Baker bath foam , until now, but I’m glad I got the chance too. It make a ton of bubbles. Great if you want a bit of me time and to relax for a bit. The foam is very soothing. There is nothing quite like lots of bubbles. The ideal item for a pampering treat. It has smells of bergamot, red fruit, tuberose and patchouli. Patchouli I know isn’t a smell for everyone. It’s sweet yet warming. Like the other products, the bath foam smells just as good. This leaves you again with soft and pampered smooth skin.

Body Wash 


As always Ted Baker is up there with the best. This body wash is really good for getting rid of dead skin and dirt. The body wash is probably one of the best smelling ones from Ted Baker that they’ve done, however other body washes that they’ve done smell really good too, it’s just this one just outdoes the rest. It has quite a perfume smell about it too. It’s quite a sweet smell, like a kind of orange blossom smell, but also like raspberries  and roses, so quite floral. Orange is definitely the main influence of this range, whether it’s the packaging or the smell. It also lathers up really well. After use, I have really lovely soft, smooth skin and am left smelling good all day.

Who else has this gorgeous gift set?

A x


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