A New Chapter


Hey everyone! I know most of you know this now but I have moved out the for the first time recently and I really wanted to do a post on this as I think it is something that can be quite daunting, when your doing it for the first time. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings and hopefully help any of you who is thinking about doing this. You know your growing up when there comes a point you start looking at houses. My boyfriend and I decided that we felt this was the next step for us and so that’s where it begun. I never thought at 20 years old, I would have my own house. If you are wanting to move out if that’s being on your own or being with a friend or partner, it’s something that needs a lot of thought. Don’t be afraid to talk to the person your moving in with or if your moving on your own, talk to a family member. I spoke to my boyfriend who has moved out before and this helped a lot. I also wrote down an estimate on all of the expenses that would be coming out each month like food, rent, electric, water etc. It’s also good to listen to friends and family for tips as this can help a lot.

There’s also lots of different feelings you go through too. Moving out is scary but exciting at the same time. Its a big decision and its completely normal to feel this way. Make sure that its definitely what you want and most importantly, that it makes you happy. Don’t feel pressured into moving out, if your moving in with someone, they will understand if your not ready and there is plenty of opportunities to do this. Everything happens at the right time. Like I said give it some thought, I’m not talking just a day or 2, give it more. It can get really overwhelming but in a good way. When I found out that we had got the house and got the keys for the first time, I burst out crying but it was happy tears. Another thing is you need to have patience. We looked around a few places before we made a decision. The first house you have a look around isn’t necessarily the one your going to put in for. It will take time to find the one that’s right for you.

Once you get into your home you need to realize, things won’t happen straight away, especially starting from scratch. Your not going to have everything moved in straight away and there will be things you need to buy. At first it won’t be cheap either, there will be things you will need to buy. Stick to the the most important things and get the less important things later on. Not only that but there will also be things you need to learn, like how to clean your toilet. You will have to clean and cook your own dinners, learn how to use a washing machine if you don’t know already. You will have many responsibility’s but along with them you will also get your own space. You will be able to watch what you want on tv, have your friends over whenever, wear what you want around the house. One of the things I like is whenever I have a bad day at work, I can come home and just chill and focus on my home.

Moving out was and is the right decision for me, I love it so much, I really hope this helps you for the future, I’m so lucky I had the support I had.

Thank you for reading,

A x 


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