The Body Shop Aloe And Soft Linen Body, Room And Linen Spritz


(The Body Shop Aloe And Soft Linen Body, Room And Linen Spritz – £7)

I’ve not tried any of the spritzes before but I wish I had sooner. I wanted something to make the room smell nice, when our kitten did the occasional really smelly poo. I choose the scent Soft Linen And Aloe, because I thought it would be a nice room smell, but this turned out to be better smelling than I thought. It would actually be perfect to have in the bathroom. The packaging is luxurious. The fragrance comes in a glass bottle with beautiful leaves over it. It looks much more expensive than what it is. One spray of the pump and you get this wonderful impact of fragrance that bursts out. I’m not sure around how long this will last you, but its a 100ml, it depends on how much you spray your room. Plus this doesn’t have to just be when there’s a bad smell about, you can just spray it whenever you feel like . If you aren’t a fan of candles, or want something a bit safer around little ones, this is also great to have around. Then again if you preferred a candle, this scent also comes in candle form. You can also get many other scents such as Green Tea And Lemon, and Pomegranate And Raspberry. This smell is gorgeous and I would recommend it to anyone, who wants to give there room, that something a little bit extra.

A x


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