The Body Shop Shower Gels


( Body Shop Shower Gels – Ranging from £2 – £6)

The Body Shop bath and shower gels smell amazing! They really are true to smell, and there isn’t one bad smelling one. Some in the range include, Blueberry, Raspberry and Vineyard peach, but the choices are endless, there’s something for everyone. I actually got the ones in the picture, as part of a set, but that meant I got to try 4 different smells. It’s a hard decision to make, but the Satsuma shower gel smells scrumptious. I’m not weird, but when I was smelling them all, this was one I smealt for like 5 minutes. I can’t think of the smell it reminds me off, but I think it’s Iron Bru. It smells so good, like you could eat it. You don’t need to use a lot of shower gel, because this lathers up really well. If you did want to pick some shower gels up, I’d recommend going on their website now, (I’ve linked it above) as they have a sale on right now, and you can pick up 250ml shower gels for £3, when they should be £4. Plus you can get an extra 40% off the sale price right now. I am definitely going to get some more of these, as they make both you and your bathroom smell lovely. They are by far one of the best shower gel brands out there, at a reasonable price.

What’s your favourite Body Shop shower gel scent?

A x


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