Life Update


I think this will be the last update for a while now, because I want to move on with still talking about personal things, because I feel like I’ve got some amazing feedback from a lot of you, and I feel like you can all relate to it. It’s always nice being able to read something and being like “I feel you!” and know that you’re not the only one going through with whatever it is. I have actually shared a lot with you this year already, and I’m actually really proud of myself because anyone who knows me, knows that I’m pretty much a closed book. Anyways I’m wondering off topic, (shock!) so yes still talking about personal things, by the way if there is anything you want me to talk about, feel free to comment or contact me through my email, it can be anything, I have some right stories! Again I’m waffling, I also want to share makeup looks, fashion posts, recipes, literally all sorts, as I feel I’ve got my mojo back now. I haven’t forgotten that in the poll on a previous post, you said you’d like a baking post next, so I’m hoping to bake something this weekend, fingers crossed, and get that up next week sometime.

Life is really good right now, my circle of people around me is more than good, and I’m feeling really lucky and grateful. I am currently listening to Hozier, what happened to them, they were great?? What more could you want?

I really didn’t think I would feel like this, this soon, but a bad trait I suppose I have, is if you hurt me, or have a problem, I find it very easy just to cut you off, and be done with it. Probably not a good thing, but we all have different ways of coping. Long story cut short a lot of drama, has happened since I last spoke to you about it, and that has made it a whole lot easier to just move on. I hate drama, I stay away from it, I’m not interested in being involved in it, been called some really horrible things and there’s nothing much more to say on that.

Not going to lie, over the last few years I have lost myself a bit, or I should probably say a lot, I don’t really recognize myself actually looking back, and now I honestly feel so happy. My confidence has gone right up, I’m still socially awkward and strange, but that’s just me haha. As for my weight, I don’t know if you all remember, but I have been trying to lose weight, and with slimming world I’ve lost 2 1/2 almost 3 stone. It just seems to be dropping off and I am so close now, to being at the weight I was 4 years ago, which is really good and makes me so determined to get there. I have also really got back into my exercise, I use to be so active, and now I’m back in the game again! I’m really enjoying that, so maybe I’ll share some workout posts too, as I know it takes a lot of motivation, but as well as keeping fit, it also leads to a happier and healthier mind.

I don’t really know what else to say, as I feel like I have waffled on a lot. I am just so excited to see what the future brings, and what life has prepared for me this year. Feeling super positive about everything, and just genuinely happy. This is a very different post from the first post I had put on at the start of the year. As much as I want to take them posts down because I don’t want that person back anymore, I shall leave them there, as judging from my stats, there is still a large amount of people reading them posts, and I know how much of a difficult time it can be. Just know that from my experience, it does get easier, you will come out of it a changed, but better person, and you will meet someone who is right for you. Do you want someone back who left you, or do you want someone who will never leave, and stay with you? Personal opinion, the answer is obvious. At some point something will click, and you’ll realize you deserve so much more.

So a Christmas song just came on my iPod now, and as much as everyone knows how much I love Christmas, I can’t sing Fairytale Of New York just yet. Okay Okay! I’m going now, hope you all have a lovely Saturday and Sunday for that matter, and I will see you very soon!

“As one door closes, another one opens”

Not going to lie, you might want to bolt that door shut sometimes..


A x 


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