Full Face Of Revlon And First Impressions

I can not remember the last time I wrote a blog post on makeup, so I thought why not do one, as its been so long. Revlon is not a makeup brand I’ve tried before, so this is all going to be from first impressions. Although I told a little lie, everything is from Revlon but what I use for my eyebrows, I totally forgot to have a look at their eyebrow products, so the one I’ve used is a Rimmel eyebrow pencil. I’ve been using these products for about a month, and this look is my weekend look at the moment, as I only do my eyebrows and put foundation on in the week for work.

Here are my honest opinions!


PhotoReady Airbrush Effect Makeup

I always get nervous trying new foundations because I usually stick to what I know, my two favourites are an Estee Lauder one, and a Rimmel one, nothing has beaten them two. I got this in shade nude, which works really well with my skin tone, and doesn’t make me look orange. I really like the finish it gives once applied and for like the next 4 hours, but one thing I have noticed is, by the end of the day it goes a bit patchy which is disappointing. I wish it could stay like how its first applied for the whole day, because then it would be a game changer and up there with the other two. Would recommend if your going for an evening out, or if your not going to be wearing it for a long period of time.

PhotoReady Insta-Sculpt Contour Palette 001

I really couldn’t wait to try this palette, however I just really didn’t like it. I just found that when applying to my skin, it just looked quite cakey, if you know what I mean. I also found that, it’s really hard to blend in, I just didn’t like the finish, but didn’t really feel like I achieved any kind of finish. It’s a shame because I had high hopes for this, but I just couldn’t work with it, so the pictures I’ve put on, I’m not actually wearing this unfortunately.

Instafix Stick Blush In Rose Gold Kiss

I was a bit unsure about this at first because I have only ever had powder blushers, however this has completely opened up my mind, and I actually love it. I LOVE the colour, because its not overpowering and in your face, it creates a really natural look, with a bit of shimmer. It blends super easily, and you have full control over how much you build the colour. Don’t you hate it when you put a blush on and the colour is just so bright and it doesn’t matter how much you blend it, you look like a clown and its too late to do anything about it? You don’t get that with this, and I’m definitely considering buying the other shade. I couldn’t recommend this product enough!

ColorStay Endless Glow Liquid Highlighter In Citrine

Love! Love! Love! This is my favourite highlighter I have ever used. It’s got a really nice creamy texture and easy to blend in. I love the glow it creates on you face and the pigmentation is very good. Only one slight problem is, I have to apply this in parts because of how quickly it drys, otherwise I don’t have time to blend it in, but other than that, this is my go to highlighter from now on.

Liquid Eye Pen In Black

I was pleasantly surprised with this, and it has now become my favourite liquid eyeliner. Usually when you don’t pay much for them, the colour is quite faded and can be gunky. However, the colour is sharp and not gunky at all, it glides on really smoothly and I love the shape of the tip, which makes it so much easier to do different flicks and wings with it. It lasts all day, with no sign of smudging or fading, which is amazing, I can’t fault it at all, will definitely be buying again.

ColorStay Lipliner In Blush

To start off with the first few times, I found this lip-liner to be stiff, and I was scared a bit of it was going to break off. However, when you use it on a regular basis, it starts to get easier to apply. Colour wise, its a lovely colour and a very good match with the lip mousse colour in Embrace, and prevents any kind of bleeding, because of the good matches in colour, I would definitely buy more of them. They last a really long time too!

Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse In Embrace

It was the word mousse that attracted me to buying this product, I really liked the whole idea of it. Firstly, I have to start by saying, it could just be me, but there is no indication on this product about what shade it is. I had to go through my emails to find out, like I said it could just be me, but I find this quite annoying as if I didn’t have the email still, and liked the shade, I wouldn’t know what shade to get again. Now I’ve got that out of the way, I love how velvety and creamy this is when applying. The colour is gorgeous, and I love the overall finish it gives. Can I also say, it drys quickly giving you a matte finish and what I found most impressive, is I’ve worn this from 9am till like 9pm and only needed to reapply once, and that’s eating with it on too. On that note, I don’t think I need to say anymore, and will definitely be buying other shades in the near future.

Super Lustrous Lipstick In Bare Affair

I could of bought so many of these because I loved so many of the shades, and they are all so different as well. However I don’t actually own many neutral lipstick colours, so I went with something I don’t own in my makeup collection and I must say I love this shade. I’m not actually wearing it in these pictures but you can sort of see it in the swatch above. I also think the colour is pretty close to the shade it looks, if that makes sense. Length it lasts, isn’t very long really before you need to reapply, the lip mousses, I would definitely recommend if you are looking for something long lasting. Otherwise it’s really smooth when applying and its quite moisturizing to the lips, which is good, as it doesn’t dry them out.


All in all, I am really impressed with Revlon and found some new additions for my makeup bag. My favourite products have to be the lip mousse and highlighter, so really happy with that. I really hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you guys in my next post really soon!

A x


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