Scotland Day 1

So some of you may have been thinking why have I been a bit MIA the last week or so, if any of you follow me on Instagram, you will know I have been to Scotland! We stayed in a place called Pitlochry, which I’m not 100% sure because my geography isn’t great, but I think its kind of central Scotland, and kind of in the middle of all the things we wanted to visit, like Glasgow, which we didn’t actually go too in the end, and Edinburgh and Inverness, which was very handy. Now lets get on to the place we stayed at…

We stayed in the most stunning cabin I’ve ever seen called the retreat cabin! This cabin was designed to give you your own personal private spa, and it literally felt just that! Jamie, one of the owners, was so so so welcoming, showed us around, gave us some recommendations, literally any questions we had, he was happy to answer, and came round every morning to look after the hot tub, and pretty much just left us to it. We couldn’t of asked for anything more, it was just perfect!


All around the cabin is a fence, so you completely have your own privacy. As you go in you’ve got your own private patio, where you will find two sun loungers, and outdoor sofas on your left, and then round the corner, there is table and chairs, barbecue, log burner, a hot tub and a sauna! Don’t worry about the hot tub in the rainy weather though, it has a gazebo for that, so you can use it no matter what. Speaking of the weather it rained one day out of 7, which I would say we got pretty lucky! Plus the views around the property are breathtaking.

Inside, you have an open plan living room with kitchen. There’s a lovely comfy sofa and coffee table, with a flat screen T.V with a built in DVD player. Also a coffee machine, with complimentary pods to put inside it. I don’t know why I was so obsessed with the doors inside this property but I love the design of them. To the left, is the first room, which is a bathroom, where you can find, toilet, sink, towels, flannels, as well as another thing I loved, a mirror which had a light on it, where to turn it on and off, you just touched the round circle on it.


Next room is the bedroom, with the comfiest bed I have ever slept in, in my whole life! There was no T.V in the room which I love, plus I don’t have a T.V in my own room at home anyways. The bed is actually king size, and I definitely slept like one too. The rooms also has a built in vanity unit, with a glass basin, which I never have thought of putting one in a bedroom before, but it actually is so useful, and gives off an even more spa like feel. It also has a heated towel rail and another one of my favourite features is the mood lighting, which you can change to any settings that you want! There is also an en-suite wet room, with an overhead drench shower, which is incredible, which again I loved!


Then there is a door through the wet room which leads to the dressing room, but you can access it also through the kitchen end of the open plan living room. Inside the dressing room, is a dressing room table, and another built in vanity unit with glass basin. You also have a unit where you can hang your clothes up and fold them on the shelves on it too. There is also a hairdryer, which was a lifesaver because I forgot mine. Then coming back through to the kitchen which is fully equipped, dishwasher, built in fridge/freezer, cooker, toastie maker, you name it this place had it. I genuinely don’t think they could have provided anything more.


Moving on to the finishing touches, I know, as if this place could get any better?! Well, throughout the cabin is 24 hour self controlled underfloor heating. This was lovely waking up too, and also when you came in from a long day exploring. You also get provided with slippers and robes, which was just the perfect finishing touch, and the robes are super comfy and when you put the slippers on, you instantly felt relaxed and like you were at a spa. There is also a built in sound system to all rooms, which was great for listening to some Lewis Capaldi in the mornings! The T.V is also a smart T.V which had Netflix and iplayers, on it, but we didn’t actually watch that much T.V, we took a few DVD’S with us though, and watched a few of them.


Honestly, most people say they are ready to come home and sleep in their own beds after a week away, but that certainly wasn’t the case for us. I did not want to leave, I became so attached to this place and everything surrounding it, I still have major holiday blues! I wish I could rewind time, that’s how much I loved it, and would recommend this place to everyone! It really was luxurious and I can’t fault it at all. A lot of people said, you wouldn’t go back to the same place again would you though, but I honestly would, and have already been looking at when we could come back here again! Plus Scottish people are the most nicest people ever, a lot of people are so ignorant here, but Scottish people were so so friendly!

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(My pictures really don’t do this place any justice, plus I’m really annoyed I didn’t get one of the bed, but you can see on the website more pictures, I also didn’t take pictures until the end of our stay which I’m annoyed about, so just bare in mind that’s why there is a towel on the floor in the wet room haha)

I was going to combine day 2 with day 1 on this post but I just thought that this place deserved a post just for itself. We didn’t actually do much on the first evening, as we got there at half 4, and just wanted to chill out, so we just got some food, and then went in the hot tub and watched some T.V.

On day 2 of the Scotland holiday posts, it will include a trip to The Kelpies and to Doune Castle where the likes of the series Game Of Thrones had scenes filmed. I did plan on writing these posts whilst I was out there, but just didn’t have a lot of time too, and the time I did, I just decided to take a rest, after an already hectic year.

What are your favourite places in Scotland?

To check out the the retreat cabin, and to potentially book click here. Be sure to have a look at there other cabins too!

A x


2 thoughts on “Scotland Day 1

  1. Love all you’ve written about Scotland. We really want to go to Fort William to Mallaig on the steam train. Would love to stay at this place xx


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