Moments. It’s a strange one isn’t it? We think about the next day, the next week, next month or even the next few years, but do we ever think about the moment we are living in, right here right now? The feelings your experiencing, the thoughts your processing, the words you are hearing. Then there’s the moments you have already experienced, usually negative ones that stick with us, the ones where we remember where we were, the time, the smells, the weather and the emoticons. The impact of a single moment, can leave scars in our hearts forever. We remember the words that were said that we wish we could leave behind. Maybe even the reason why we are the way we are today.

Then there’s the special moments. The ones that you didn’t see coming, completely taking you by surprise. The ones you can’t put into words. They don’t happen often but when they do, it’s the most incredible feeling. The one’s that we wish we could press pause on. Most of us won’t know the true value of these moments, until they become memories. A lot of us will only see big events as moments. A lot of us rely on taking pictures to capture moments, but can pictures capture the true value of a moment? We can look at pictures and think I wish I could relive that moment again? Have you truly asked yourself why you think that though? We can be quite blind to things, that we often forget what it’s like to live in the present. It’s all a matter of paying attention, being awake to what is going on exactly this second.

It’s taken me a while to see things this way, but the world is a truly beautiful place. I have had a massive wake up call, and I’m no longer thinking about the future, instead taking each day as it comes. I have experienced and been aware of more moments this last week good and bad, than I have in the last year. One’s that I never even saw coming, but in a good way. Focus on your breathing, eliminate the distractions, ignore fleeting thoughts, observe what is happening around you without judgement. I understand more than a lot of people, ignoring fleeting thoughts is a difficult one though. A new way of looking at bad thoughts for me is by imagining each thought that drifts into my mind, like clouds drifting across the sky, no matter how long it takes to drift. Don’t force them to go away. Thoughts only gain meaning, when you give them meaning.

I mentioned about us remembering mainly bad moments. The moments we should leave behind in the past. Easier said than done right? I am completely guilty of this. There is nothing we can do in this present moment, that will alter the past. All we can do is accept it, and that doesn’t mean ignoring it, it means taking back that power that it holds over you. There can be many moments we are losing because of this. What good are we doing to ourselves, by going over it? Again, easier said than done right? It’s all about taking little steps, which is what I’m trying to put into practice now. We do have the option to control how we live in this present moment.

In this very moment you can decide how to act, what to say, which thoughts to engage with, and what mindset you will hold on to. Don’t rush it. This is what will make the present moment have much more meaning to you.

I guess a lot of you are going to be reading this like Amy, I am more confused than a chameleon in a bag full of skittles, what are you rambling on about. Truth is I think rather deeply about life, and just thought I’ll share my thoughts, see what you guys think, as I usually just write things like this in my notes on my phone.

So there you have it, maybe its food for thought or maybe its a click and skip haha, and a ” Amy, lockdown is properly getting to you” whatever it is, wherever you are, I hope you are all still keeping safe.

Moments. It’s a strange one isn’t it? We think about the next day, the next week, next month or even the next few years, but do we ever think about the moment we are living in, right here right now?

A x


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