Going From 24 To 25


It’s my Birthhhhhdayyy! So I thought I’d do a little reflection of the last year of my life. I have been saying for ages how I am dreading turning 25, but I think I’ve actually reached a point where I’m ready for it. 24 has been one of the most difficult years yet, and I’m ready for this new chapter of my life, and I am well and truly welcoming it with open arms. I am going into 25 single, even more sassy and this was a different story yesterday, but trying to have a positive mindset. I don’t usually feel any different on Birthday’s, but well 25 feels good.


(I decided to colour myself in one day, literally all over my body, and mum had to send me to nursery like it because she struggled to get it off! I look so proud! That hairstyle as well though…)

This is the year I need to stop thinking what could go wrong, and think what could go right. I want to take more risks, I’m not going to hold back saying things anymore, or worry about what people think. I just need to be me, and have fun, and just live. My friend actually made me laugh because he’s been going on for ages about how 25 is a big Birthday, and I’m like naaah, but in a way I think it kind of it. Your not in your early 20’s anymore, your kind of hitting a new level of maturity, and you know what you want from life, and your not going to settle for any less. I don’t know, that’s how I’m seeing it.

So lets talk a bit about how 24 has been. 24 has been an absolute nightmare haha. I have never been such an emotional person in my whole life. It has been HARD. I ended a relationship, was diagnosed with depression, lost some friends, gained a car, gained a fringe, and still haven’t been abroad, which is annoying me so much haha! Just let me gooo! 24 made me realise that everyone is getting older and none of us are getting any younger. It made me hate social media, it made me want to delete my blog, I am so so glad I didn’t because I’m loving blogging at the moment and I feel like I’ve got my passion back with it. It’s made me appreciate a good friend when I meet one, because there are so many rain clouds of doom out there.

It’s also made me realise about committing to relationships and what I want and don’t want, and how I need to be a 1000% sure next time that happens, because its going to be a big deal. Fitness and nutrition and how I looked after my skin and body became a big thing, and I feel so much better for it. I’ve finally accepted my personality, this is who I am, and actually I’ve met a lot of people who like that. I’m not saying I was being fake in the past, but I covered a lot of my personality up, because if I am completely honest, I am a weirdo haha. Lastly, I’ve realised I can’t change people so there’s no time like the present to invest in myself.

So moving on to 25, ooo its exciting isn’t?! Usually I find the unknown very scary and maybe today is just a good day, but I’m really excited to see what happens for me, and hopefully you will continue to join me on my journey. I have a really good feeling about this and I don’t know why I’m feeling myself getting so emotional but I really hope this is a turning point. I’m starting 25 with taking quite a few new people I never expected to meet with me, and that’s a really nice feeling.


Goals for this year are:

  • Go abroad! I feel like this is an obvious one
  • To lose a stone or 2 would be nice
  • Read 12 books, one for every month, I failed massively at this last year
  • To hopefully come off antidepressants, or at least reduce my dosage, not going to stick pressure on this, but it would be nice
  • Just live life to the full, take risks, do things I want to do, I have nothing to hold me back
  • Be spontaneous more

I just want to take the time out to say to you all, thank you. I feel like we’ve come so far on this blog, and I appreciate every single one of you, without you guys, well I wouldn’t have a lot to keep me going. Your comments, likes and emails mean so much to me, and it’s so nice hearing that I am helping. I actually had a parent contact me recently, thanking me for being honest and saying my posts are helping they’re child, and that is something that will stick with me forever. It’s one of the best feelings in the world helping people.

Lots of love

A x


2 thoughts on “Going From 24 To 25

  1. Happy Birthday 🎉 😍😍😍

    I wish you the more creativity in your life😍😍😍
    All the best cutie pie 🤩🤩


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