Life Living On My Own

I thought I would talk about living on my own today, as it is probably the most asked question I get, so what no better way than talking about it on here. It might even help some of you who are maybe thinking about making this choice. I always get asked if I’m okay with living on my own and if I get lonely so I’ll talk about that.

So at the moment, I rent a little 2 bedroom house, (its more like 1) and I feel like it’s something people look down at you for. Eventually I would like to buy, I’ve always wanted my own house, and I could of had that, but decided to take a different path for me, and at the moment it works. One thing I will say is, if you are thinking of living on your own, don’t go for somewhere bigger than what you need, as I think it won’t feel as homely, and be a bit more daunting, at the end of the day you need to feel comfortable.

I would like to point out that when I first made the choice of living on my own, I found it super scary and put myself down so much, thinking I wouldn’t be able to take care of things by myself. One of the main things that came to mind, was making phone calls for things, it was one of my biggest fears. Fast forward two and a half years on and phone calls don’t bother me now, and I’m actually really proud of myself for that. Would I feel that way if I hadn’t of made the choice to live on my own? Absolutely not! I threw myself in the deep end (I have to do this, its the only way I deal with things) and that way meant I had to do it. I sort out everything myself, council tax, meter readings, water, tv license etc. I don’t rely on anyone, I am very independent and I like that.

Not going to lie at times it can get lonely, but not to the point where I regret living on my own. I do quite like my own company and the time to concentrate on myself. Plus it means I get to be a complete weirdo. If you want to have Netflix marathons for days without anyone judging you, you can. You literally have so much freedom, and its great. You can invite people over whenever you want too, and it be in your own space. A space where you can feel 100% relaxed. It’s also nice to come home from work and just being able to do whatever you feel like. I sing and dance at home on a daily basis haha.

It unleashes a whole lot of freedom. You can also learn a whole bunch of new skills. Like I said I am a very independent person, most of that is to do with living on my own. Last night at 9pm I decided I wanted to move my bedroom around, and so I did. All by myself, didn’t need anybody. Not going to lie, moving a bed by yourself isn’t easy, but I still did it. Whenever there is a problem that crops up, I will learn to fix it myself, and won’t stop until I have. Not to mention that I wouldn’t of discovered my love for baking, if it weren’t for the fact of being on my own, I wouldn’t of known.

It’s not that your on your own though. You’re not. Yeah I talk to myself more than ever, but I actually have more of a social life now, than what I did before. My phone doesn’t actually stop buzzing. I know I always have someone to talk too, it’s just having someone physically there, which is the different part. However, I truly believe that if it weren’t for lockdown, then this would be different too, as I have made plans with people, but can’t really do any of it at the moment. Then I will be sick of people again haha.


I always get asked the question, how have you managed at your age, to live in your own? I first lived with other people from the age of I think 19, and then lived on my own for a bit at 22, and then at 24 I started living on my own again. Before I started looking, I wrote down all my expenses and estimated the ones I didn’t know of yet, then worked out my budget, as to what I could afford. There are friends who ask me this, and I know for a fact they are on more money than me, so if I can do it, then you can too. I still have money left over every month, I’ve recently bought a car as well, and still have money for myself, and also still have savings. So it’s doable, you just need to be responsible with your money. I don’t have any debts either, so I really recommend writing your goings in and outgoings down, it will help you out a lot.

For me, the worst part of living on my own, is the spider situation. You have to deal with them yourself, and that has led me into the career path of being a spider serial killer. I wouldn’t mind if they stayed in the same place, but its when they move, that gives me trust issues, and they have to go. Then I think about Charlotte’s Webb and feel guilty, anyways I am starting to ramble. The fun part though, is making your house your own. I love that kind of stuff. There are definitely areas I’d like to improve, I’m going to start on my bedroom next, but I love seeing what I can do with the space I have, and just making it super cosy.

I really hope this has helped, I think I’ve covered a fair bit, but if you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to ask me.

A x


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