My Listening Ear 2022 Week 3

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Hello everyone, I hope you have all been doing well recently, if not, better days are coming, you will heal. I’ve really enjoyed putting together this post for you, it’s my favourite one to date. There’s a good mixture of different tempos and different kinds of artists, I hope you manage to take something new away with you from this post. Again, as always feel free to put your own recommendations in the comments section underneath this post, I love recommendations myself, so I will definitely check them all out.

MØ ft. Foster The People || Blur

I am absolutely loving this track at the moment, I love the different tempos and dynamics especially in the beginning, it’s very catchy. It is such a great collaboration, it just works really well. I probably listen to this once a day at the moment, it’s so annoying when you are trying not to overplay something, but are wanting to listen to it a lot.

Ellie Goulding, Diplo, Swae Lee – Close To Me

For starters how old is this? It just randomly came on, on Spotify the other day and it’s just one of those songs that you completely forget about. There is definitely a different vibe on this week’s music choices, not sure if anyone has picked that up yet, but we are a little more upbeat and fun. This is such a summer tune. Does anyone else put songs into seasons? Haha, some songs just have a time of year they belong in because of weather. Bizarre I know, but it’s a thing, let me know if you get know what I’m on about so I don’t sound completely crazy. You don’t really hear much from Ellie Goulding anymore in the music world, she seems to be doing a lot of other things, but this is such a great song, and one that should definitely not be forgotten about! *Note once played, this song won’t leave your mind for the rest of the day*


Toning the mood down just a little bit, I had to include this song as I adore it so much, and it would be rude to not share it with everyone else had you not heard it yet. It’s a song you didn’t realise you needed, it’s truly beautiful. It’s a good one for driving home and reflecting, does anyone else do this? Long drives always make me reflect on my life journey. I’m not sure how I found this song actually, but I feel just like people, you are meant to run into songs, because some songs just act as a mechanism to deal with things and this for sure, is one of them. The song just speaks to me, the lyrics are clever, and they hit deep, not to mention there’s a hint of a London Grammar sound here, which I love.

FKA twigs – Two Weeks

There is something quite dark about this song, one that is quite good to drive to as well. I actually can’t believe it’s 8 years old now, but a song that never gets old. FKA is definitely one to put a show on as well, you only have to watch her videos to see how creative she is and the amount of effort that goes in to everything, and it shows in a very good way, it’s why her songs still are so popular even today.

Mags Duval – Eye For An Eye

I first heard the from the hit series “Maid” and it just caught my attention. One thing I have noticed about my music taste is I do seem to like things that sound a bit haunting and Mags voice creates that exact kind of sound which instantly made me like this song.

Faouzia & John Legend – Minefields 

Oh this song, I am obsessed! I say it every post, but this is definitely my favourite week I have ever done. This is a song I could literally listen to over and over again and not get bored. Faouzia And John Legend’s voices go together perfectly, and it must of been one of the easiest collaborations ever, everything is just so faultless. I love the whole concept of the meaning of the lyrics behind the song, comparing love to a minefield is actually spot on, there is no other better way of putting it. This song is just truly beautiful, there is no other way of putting it, give it a listen.

Nick Wilson – Love Can Be So Lonely, Sometimes

Last not but least we have this track by Nick Wilson which is just so raw and the words just speak in so many different volumes. Another song which is again so beautiful, I really am spoiling you lot with the music choices this week. Another reason I love this song is because it’s different to what is out there, songs start to sound the same and they don’t become very creative, but this just separates itself from all of that and just captures everything so beautifully, its just magical. There’s also a version witch features Gabrielle Aplin, which is equally just as good.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks music choices, as much as I have enjoyed talking about them ❤

A x


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