My Listening Ear 2022 Week 2

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Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a good week and weekend! This week has been draining not going to lie, and I’ve been poorly, but I am back with a whole load of new songs, it’s a bit “popy” compared to normal, which isn’t usually my style but stranger things have happened. Anyways I’m not going to ramble too much today, hopefully within the next week, I will have a different kind of post coming but without further ado, lets get on with this week’s music choices!

Kwads – Cheating On Me

I first heard this song on a Diversity Tour and instantly loved it. The lyrics are a lot deeper than what the song title suggests and is more to do with oneself, like selling yourself short, rather than someone else involved. Kwads’ voice is just so smooth and easy to listen too. It really is just such an amazing song, I hope you like it as much as I do.

Selena Gomez – Kill Em With Kindness (Acoustic)

First up to start of with I totally didn’t recognise the acoustic version of this song, however I prefer it so much more! I feel like the message gets lost in the upbeat version, whereas in this acoustic version it has more feeling to it, it’s just so beautiful and her voice is incredible in this. You may have heard this version from the very popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which if you have watched, you will see why this song fits so perfectly in the series. “Kill Em With Kindness” is definitely a song for those who have been really hurt by someone or a group of people in the past, which is everyone right? She isn’t singing about anything in particular like a relationship or anything, its just in general, and I don’t know about you, but she kind of has a point, stay true to yourself and just keep being kind, it’s a better reflection of yourself, then rising to another’s meanness.

Sody – What We Had

I have shared one of Sody’s song’s before but I couldn’t leave this one out. Even though what the lyrics are saying is selfish, it’s very honest, very relatable at times and it’s very funny the emotions we can go through when it comes to love, even when we know its wrong. Sody is very good at writing about lots of different things we go through in life, she signs the things we don’t say out loud and guaranteed if you like this song, then you will like a lot of her others. Her voice is different, but definitely in a good way, she can definitely sing, I can’t think of anyone who has a similar voice. She doesn’t need too much of a complicated background beat, because her storytelling through her music is enough.

Hailee Steinfeld, BloodPop┬« – Capital Letters

Here is a nice little cheery song for you all. I find that this song is one that can pick you up from whatever mood you are in, and just make you feel happy. I can’t help but sing to it and in case you didn’t know, Hailee has in fact starred in the Pitch Perfect films! Can I just say the dresses in this music video are amazing, go have a look if you haven’t seen them..

Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down

As much as I hate to admit it, I think I am a secret Taylor Swift fan. I love this song its so catchy and some of the lyrics are so sassy they make me laugh. This is another song that instantly picks you up and this lyric video is particularly visually pleasing.

Diplo, Julia Michaels – Heartless

I have been listening to a lot of Julia Michaels lately, she does not do one bad song. I really like this one, the vibe is quite chilled, Morgan’s voice has a really nice tone to it as well, and both of their voices work so well together, there’s not one that’s stronger or weaker than the other. Another thing I love about this song is the different tempos going on both with the background music and the singing. Diplo’s creativity always shines out in his music, which makes the tracks so much more enjoyable to listen too, not to mention he’s an incredibly talented songwriter.

Anne-Marie – Perfect To Me

I love this song because I think its spreads a really positive message across to all ages, and breaks away from stereotypes. It’s a song that makes you think do you know what? I am great the way I am, and to basically just be yourself, why try and be like someone else anyway? I really like Anne Marie anyways because whenever I’ve seen her on tv and heard her in interviews, she seems really down to earth, funny and relatable. I definitely feel like this song didn’t get as much credit as it probably deserved, as I think it is one of her best songs that she’s released so far.

A x


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