My Listening Ear 2022 Week 1!

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My listening ear was a big hit last year, so I’ve decided to bring it back to 2022! I am very excited to bring you loads more music, I have stacks on my phone notes to share, but also open to new suggestions to listen to, and find some new finds. I often go back and read my music recommendations, it’s interesting to look back because I can tell what kind of mood I was in and what I was going through that week, just by looking at my suggestions.

Benson Boone – Ghost Town

Benson’s voice is just incredible, I love the different tones to it, especially in the higher notes, it’s something I could listen to all day long. If you listen to the words it’s actually quite a sad song, but the melody and everything surrounding it, makes it sounds quite positive and upbeat. This is a song I automatically sing to without even thinking about it when it comes on. I think we’ve all had an experience where we have thought maybe the other person would be happier with someone else because you can’t give them everything you think they want in life. I think this song says it all perfectly. This was the first time I’ve seen the music video and him actually, and all I can see now is how much he looks like Robert Pattison, it’s uncanny. The video is nice though, maybe a little cheesy, but something that will probably make you smile. I’m looking forward to seeing what else he brings out, as I feel like he can really show off his voice.

Camilla Cabello – First Man

Camilla’s music just makes you feel all different things, she really knows how to tell a story through her voice whether that is an upbeat track, or a slow paced one, her music just gets your attention from the beginning. I can’t name a bad song from her. I think this song describes a father daughter relationship so nicely, and it’s so refreshing to hear a song about a different topic, rather than the same thing all the time.

JP Saxe – A Little Bit Yours

Eurgh I should probably not admit to this, but this song made me cry when I first heard it, it came at a time where I felt everything he was saying, and I have never related to a song at a time, as much as this one. I think that’s the power music can have on you, and why I probably love music so much, as it has the ability to say the things we can’t. Has a song ever made anyone else cry before? It is just one of these songs that most of us could all listen to and think of a person who this reminds us of, and how we felt at the time. The one who changed you in one way or another, and the one who probably still has a little impact in your mind when it comes to future relationships. However I am a firm believer that there is someone for everyone and eventually the hurt goes away and wounds heal.

Joel Adams – Please Don’t Go

I just love how soulful this guys voice! I promise you as well this is a much happier song, as I am quite aware that a few of these song titles sound quite sad, in fact most of these song titles probably don’t sound that appealing to listen to! This song is just so easy to listen to and one that gets better and better as it goes on. I love the humming, the humming is addictive, if you know you know, but yes he has a really soothing voice and I really didn’t realise how old this is?!

Ariana Grande – Stuck With You

We all wish we could sing like Ariana I think don’t we? No matter how much I try, I can’t haha, it’s just so effortless and her range is incredible. Actually I am not a massive fan of Justin Bieber however his and Ariana’s voices blend so well here and really compliment each other.

Tate McRae – Don’t Be Sad 

This was so hard picking out just one song from Tate McRae to add tot his post, I am sure over the next few weeks you will see more added in as there as so many good ones! My playlist at the moment consists mainly her songs, she is one artist I truly connect with. Her voice is really quite unique, I really like it when she holds on to certain notes, and I also really like how haunting it can sound at times. The chorus of this song in particular is really catchy and it’s quite easy to have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I also really like the backing track, it has a really good beat to it and again very catchy. I chose this one to include in the end, because this was the song that made me check out her other songs.

Dermot Kennedy – Power Over Me (Orchestral Version)

It is no hidden secret as to how much I love this guy’s music but I had to include this version of “Power Over Me” specifically because it is just beautiful. I really love what sounds like violins in this, please correct me if I’m wrong, but they just give even more feeling to the song and it just all flows so effortlessly. Another aspect of this song I love is that you can really hear the rustiness of Dermot’s voice at times and I think sometimes having part of that sound where your voice breaks, can really add another element. I have probably mentioned this before, but his album is incredible and definitely worth a listen to.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks recommendation’s, I’m sure we’ve all needed a boost with recent news.

A x


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