DIY Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas Eve boxes seem to have really taken off this year and I can totally see why. Those who have children or younger sisters and brothers, will know how excited they get on Christmas Eve and most will ask "can I open a present now" Without spoiling there Christmas presents, Christmas Eve boxes are a… Continue reading DIY Christmas Eve Boxes

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Scrumptious Gifts By Choconchoc

Everyone loves receiving chocolate on Christmas day, its part of the fun, being able to indulge in lots of good food. I found this company on Notonthehighstreet, and they have lots of different designs, which are really cool and cater for everyone's personalities. My favourites out of the ones I purchased is the zoo and… Continue reading Scrumptious Gifts By Choconchoc


Beautiful Christmas Charms By Pandora

Pandora has always been popular, but at Christmas its massively popular. I'm sure most of us have either been or seen the queues to get into the shop. I'm always jealous of people who can wear the bracelets, I remember trying on one ages ago in the smallest size, and it being to big for… Continue reading Beautiful Christmas Charms By Pandora


6 Best Christmas Song Covers

Happy Tuesday everyone! I think it's now only 30 sleeps till Christmas, which is very exciting. This also means that its probably time to start playing your favourite Christmas songs now, after all I did see the Coca Cola Advert at the weekend!  I've seen quite a few bloggers now share their Christmas playlists, which… Continue reading 6 Best Christmas Song Covers


Gorgeous Christmas Gifts By Tanya Burr And Zoella

Christmas is getting closer and closer and there's less and less time to do your Christmas shopping. Tanya Burr and Zoe Sugg, are well known successful ladies and people I look up to in the blogging world. When I saw these gifts I was so excited and had to check them out immediately. They are… Continue reading Gorgeous Christmas Gifts By Tanya Burr And Zoella


6 Advent Calendars You Might Want To Get Your Hands On

Struggling to pick an advent calendar this year? I've created a list of the ones that will be selling like hot cakes in the next month. Forget chocolate, its all about bath, beauty and makeup. I don't have a beauty one this year, I decided that I'd go for a Yankee candle one, as I'm… Continue reading 6 Advent Calendars You Might Want To Get Your Hands On


Must Have Motel Rocks Party Dress

Christmas Party Outfit Inspiration by minor3 featuring lips makeup This is the perfect Christmas party dress and one I reckon will sell out quite quickly. I love the fact that the dress is covered in sequins, you couldn't have more of a statement dress if you tried. Its £45 which I think is an average… Continue reading Must Have Motel Rocks Party Dress

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Gorgeous Christmas Gifts By Ted Baker

It is hardly a surprise that Ted Baker gifts were a massive sell out? If you want to get these gifts for someone or yourself, I'd suggest you do it now, as I was in Boots last weekend and the shelves were already starting to looking bare. For starters the packing is gorgeous, elegant and… Continue reading Gorgeous Christmas Gifts By Ted Baker


Christmas Eve

Hey guys! It's Christmas Eve! It's all very exciting! However it doesn't feel like it's Christmas tomorrow, it sounds weird just saying it. This year has flown past! Comment below on your favourite moment of 2014!  I had work today at 8am and then got told that I could go home at 12noon! Such a… Continue reading Christmas Eve