My Listening Ear – Week 10


What a week it has been! I think this has to be one of my favourite weeks for songs though, it was hard to narrow it down to seven. I don’t usually post this late, and was going to leave it till tomorrow, but I have another post that I would like to post for then and this one is ready now, so if you fancy a little late night music session, then check these out as they are all perfect for that. I’m not going to write too much tonight, as like I said this week has been an up and down week, so I’ll just leave you to have a look for yourselves. As always thank you so much for all the support, I always feel so much love from you guys and that and this blog means so much more to me than people will understand.

Emily Burns – Hello

Emily is someone who I discovered in the last week, she popped up in my suggestions on YouTube so I thought I’d give one of her songs a little listen “Is It Just Me” and then before I knew it I had listened to a few more. This is my current favourite of hers, its really catchy, upbeat but sad too, is that even a thing? I’m not quite sure, but her videos are really creative too.

 The Head and the Heart – Honeybee

This is by far my favourite song of the week! Do you ever get so excited about something and then can’t say what you actually want to say? I love this song, it’s like one of the most beautiful songs in the whole wide world, and I hope one day it will make sense to me about someone in the future, I’d like to think anyways. This song actually makes me experience feelings that I didn’t know it existed, especially right now. Does anyone else really love the nickname honeybee? I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s really sweet. Anyways I must definitely not overplay this before it loses its value haha, I hate it when that happens, and I have most definitely not just played this like 5 times in a row, bad Amy!

Parson James – Only You

Do you know what? I feel like I have picked a few good first dance songs for weddings this week, so if you need first dance song ideas, hit me up, I’m your girl, think I’ve found my calling haha. Another guy, who has a voice of an angel. I can’t believe how old this song is, it feels like only yesterday it came out!

Shawn Mendes – Fallin’ All In You

Some of you are probably thinking, yay someone I’ve heard of finally! This is a nice little hidden gem, a little different from his usual stuff, which is probably why I like it so much. Plus Ed Sheeran helped write it, so it’s pretty much perfect in my eyes.

Yuna – Deeper Conversation 

This is like the perfect song to finish off the end of a day, it’s so chilled out, her voice is so smooth and effortless, everything just blends in together, it’s so pure. Deeper conversation is a really clever name as well, and the lyrics explain perfectly well all the questions asked in a deep conversation. I actually think this song is very underrated, you could imagine this being played in the background of a deep conversation, how ironic. Who doesn’t love a deep conversation as well, I love getting lost in deep thought, but I choose very wisely who with now.

Ellie Goulding – Slow Grenade ft. Lauv

Wow. No.1 it’s nice to have Ellie Goulding back making music again, secondly I think this is the newest song I’ve listened too in a long time. It’s only a few weeks old, I don’t listen to the radio, so I wouldn’t know if this is being played a lot or not, but I really really like it! I think the collaboration works really well and I love both of their voices anyways. The song is really catchy too and I’ve probably listened to it like 10 times today already which is good but not good haha.

Hope you enjoy this weeks recommendations!

A x



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