Truffle Centered Muffins

Hey everyone! You may of seen I only posted twice last week, that was because I had a week off work and a pretty busy one that was. To get back into the rythm of things though, I've decided to kickstart the week with a baking post. These muffins are really yummy, however for those… Continue reading Truffle Centered Muffins


How To Make The Perfect Wedges

I usually do sweet treat recipes for my blog but I thought I'd post something different, and how to make these wedges, seemed to fit. They are so quick and easy and I actually prefer these to the wedges you buy in a supermarket. There perfect to have as part of a party dish, or… Continue reading How To Make The Perfect Wedges


Nutella Brownies

Gooey, soft and chewy is what these Nutella brownies are. They taste amazing and only lasted about 3 days in our household, they went that quickly! They make a perfect gift, or you could bring them to a dinner party, or perhaps you have some friends or family coming over, and could leave these on… Continue reading Nutella Brownies

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What I Got For Christmas 2015!

Before I start of this post I wanted to say 2 things. Number 1 being, I know this is quite late for a Christmas post however I have seen a few YouTube videos go up this week, so this makes me feel a bit better. Second thing is, I actually debated doing this post several… Continue reading What I Got For Christmas 2015!

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October Favourites

Yes, its that time of the month again, where I tell you what I've been loving this past month. October has flown by! How dark are the nights getting?! I do look froward to writing these posts, and they are probably my favourite blog posts to read of other peoples as well, apart from hauls.… Continue reading October Favourites


Easy To Make Lemon Cake

This is the perfect tray bake for someones birthday who likes a fruity taste. Yes the design is pretty basic but the taste and flavour is mouthwatering. I must admit I do like lemon cake but found the icing was a bit strong for me. Next time I shall not make the icing with lemon… Continue reading Easy To Make Lemon Cake


Chocolate Fudge Cakes Recipe

These yummy cakes are by far the best thing I have ever made and they all went within days of me baking them. If you don't make these then you are seriously missing out on something delicious. Not only that but they were so easy to make, so if your a mum who doesn't have… Continue reading Chocolate Fudge Cakes Recipe


Stained Glass Window Biscuits Recipe

I love trying out different recipes, ones that I have never baked before, ones I have never tasted before. Of course I like making cupcakes but I don't find them as challenging anymore, unless I was to make cupcake decorations. That is something I would like to give a go in the future. This recipe… Continue reading Stained Glass Window Biscuits Recipe


How To Make Marble Swiss Roll Style Biscuits

Its been 3 months since I've featured a recipe on my blog and I thought it was about time that I did another one. My boyfriend eats literally all of these, so that gives you an idea on how good they are. I think these biscuits are really nice to just put on the table… Continue reading How To Make Marble Swiss Roll Style Biscuits


Chocolate Marshmallow Pie

This is the second recipie I am posting on littlemissminor and this is yummy scrummy chocolate marshmallow pie. This is for all the people with sweet tooths. As I got a great response from my first baking post, I thought I'd share another one with you. This is fairly easy to make. It does taste… Continue reading Chocolate Marshmallow Pie